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    AEEP/EAPE Meeting Bordeaux 2013

    Draft of AEEP/EAPE Meeting  2013

    Date : Friday 29th of November 2013

    Duration   1 day

    Place     Bordeaux  France


    President  Pr Yannick Aujard (Paris) AEEP/EAPE  SFP  SFN


    Associated Societies

    SFP Société Française de Pédiatrie

    AEP Asociación Española de Pediatría  Pr Juan Brines

    Club International de Pédiatrie sociale

    SFN Société Française de Néonatologie   Pr  Elie Saliba

    IGPAC International Group for the Prevention Atherosclerosis in Childhood  Pr Tamas Szamosi

    ECOG European Childhood Obesity Group   Pr  Andrea Vania

    AFPSSU Association Française de Promotion de la Santé Scolaire et Universitaire


    Scientific Commitee

    Claude Billeaud   AEEP/EAPE

    Yves Perel         AEEP/EAPE

    Elie Saliba          AEEP/EAPE / SFN

    Christophe Elleau AEEP/EAPE

    Bernard Maruani AEEP/EAPE

    Tamas Szamosi  AEEP/EAPE  IGPAC International Group for the Prevention Atherosclerosis in Childhood

    Odile Kremp  Club International de Pediatrie Sociale

    Andrea Vania  ECOG

    Juan Brines AEEP/EAPE   EAP

    Pascal Barat  SFP

    Dr Colette Delmas  Afpssu



    Organization Commitee

    Claude Billeaud

    Yves Perel

    Christophe Elleau


    Draft for Previsional program

    Title: Teaching the primary  school teachers on prevention of adult’diseases in childhood


    First part : Are preventions of adult’s diseases possible in childhood?


    A : Obesity

    1/ ECOG    Pr Andrea Vania   (President)

    Obesity prevention in childhood   (8h30-9h)

    2/ SFP  Pr Pascal Barat   SFP (9h- 9h30)

    Evaluation of obesity in childhood


    B :Atherosclerosis    Pr Tamas Szamosi   (President) IGPAC

    Prevention of Adult’s atherosclerosis in childhood  (9h30-10h)


    C : SFN  Pr Umberto Simeoni  (10h-10h 45)

    Consequences of neonatal nutrition on adult’s diseases



    Coffee Break   10h 45-11h15


    D : Club International de pédiatrie Sociale

    See with Odile Kremp the definitive Speaker

    Prevention of psychosocial risks in childhood  (11h15-12h)


    Opening Ceremony :  Mrs Michèle Delaunay Minister of Ederly Health

    Presidents of AEEP/EAPE and associated societies (12h-13h)



    Lunch  13 h- 14 h


    Second Part : Teaching the primary school teachers in pediatrics


    A/AEEP/EAPE , EAP  Valencia’s Experience

    1/ Pr Juan Brines  (14h-14h45)

    3 years teaching of teachers experience in Valencia

    2/ Mr The  Valencia’ Rector (14h45- 15h 15)

    Point of view of Valencia Rector on this experience


    Coffee Break   15h15-15 h45


    B/  AFPSSU and Bordeaux Academy

    1/Group of Schoolar’ Medecine  (15h45-16h30)

    Experience of prevention of adult’s diseases in primary school

    2/ Schoolar integration of children with chronic hospitalization (16 h30-17h)

    Paediatric point of  view  ( Pr Yves Perel  AEEP/EAPE)

    3/ Rector of Bordeaux

    Point of view of Bordeaux ‘rector (17- 17h30)




    Pr Yannick Aujard – Pr Juan Brines- Rector of Valencia and Bordeaux (17h30-18h)

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