Meetings Topics of EAPE/AEEP

1971. Vienna:The future of paediatrics
1972. Hellebaek:The training of future paediatricians*
1973. Prague: Multiple choice questions: the responsibilities of paediatricians in training health personnel
1974. Geneva:Teaching health problems of developing countries to European medical students
1975. Paris:The use of medical records in teaching obstetrics and paediatrics*
1976. London:Teaching developmental and psycho-social paediatrics*
1977. Uppsala:Teaching communication with children*
1978. Cracow:Teaching communication with children*
1979. Leiden:Teaching of paediatric ethics; teacher’s training*
1980. Athens: Research and paediatric education*
1981. Lisbon: Training of undergraduate medical students to their future role in the field of children’s handicap
1982. Zagreb: Primary health care for pre-school children; educational implications* 1983. Paris:Teaching methodology*
1984. Dundee:Assessment of clinical competence in paediatrics*
1985. Barcelona:Teaching Adolescent Medicine
1986. Rennes:Teaching community child health (with special references to the collection of data and identification of children at risk)
1987. The Hague: Health and disease. Educating children and parents
1988. London: New technologies in paediatric education*
1989. Istanbul:Teaching nutrition in paediactrics
1990. Prague: Deprivation in childhood; paediatric teaching implications
1991. Paris: Decision making process and its implication on paediatric teaching* 1992. Thessaloniki: Chronic medical conditions in childhood: teaching aspects* 1993. Roma: Prevention in childhood of adult degenerative diseases; paediatric educational aspects*
1994. Lisbon: Health care of the migrant child in Europe
1995. St Andrews: Developing the core curriculum in child health for undergraduates in the 21st Century
1996. Barcelona: Bioethics in paediatrics: Educational aspects*
1997. Budapest: Continuing Medical Education in Europe from East to West
1998. Bordeaux:Training in child public health; Social and Community Paediatrics in Europe*
1999. Valencia: Child care and paediatric education in Europe*
2000. London:Teaching neonatology*
2001. Aix-en-Provence: Pedagogical networks in paediatrics*
2013. Bordeaux. How teaching the prevention of Adults Diseases to the Primary School Teachers ?