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    membres de l'associationPrésident : Dr Claude Billeaud (France)

    Vice Président :Pr Yves Perel(France)

    Secrétary :Pr Elie Saliba (France)

    treasurer: Dr Christophe Elleau

    Members of Board:

    Dr Virginie Rigourd (France),

    Dr Maruani (France),

    Pr Eric Dugas (France)

    Pr Tamas Szamosi (Hungary)

    Standing Committee of APEE :

    Standing Committee of Basic paediatric training : H. Zoethout, E. Wauters, JL Bernard,

    Standing Committee of Continuing Medical education in Paediatric : M. levy, V. Molina, M. Péchevis et Cl. Billeaud

    Standing Committee of Bioethic in Paediatric : L. justo Da Silva

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